How Much Should I Spend?

How much should I spend and what should I expect for my money?

A block of granite is like an artist’s canvas.  Only a true artisan can transform it into a meaningful work of art.  A less talented person produces only the commonplace.

Leyda, Burrus & Metz employs the country’s leading artists and designers to create truly meaningful and original memorial designs.  The “Baseball Player” memorial design is a prime example.  We are proud to show you designs such as this, that have been personally designed for our Leyda, Burrus & Metz families, just like yours!

Understandably there are those who simply cannot afford a large outlaw for a memorial.  For such families, it is far better to have a smaller, flawlessly designed memorial than a larger, imperfect stone that immediately calls attention to it’s “cheaper price tag” by it’s gaudy design, or by later staining, cracking or chipping away.

Our, finest quality memorials needn’t be expensive.  Despite what you might think, LBM memorials are not expensive.  True, you can probably buy a larger memorial for less money, but size is surely no more an indication of value in a memorial than in a diamond.

The value of a memorial depends not on it’s size, but the purity of granite from which it is made, the design, the ornamentation, the craftsmanship and even the provisions of the guarantee.  All of the best of these qualities are available in smaller size monuments for as little as $1000,* while many individual markers are available for as little as $500.*

To make your purchase even easier, we can arrange convenient monthly budget payments or we kindly accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards.

Does not include local cemetery, foundation, setting, lettering or carving charges