Since 1892, Leyda Burrus & Metz Monuments has provided families with beautiful, one of a kind memorial stones. Prior to the 1930’s Leyda Company existed as a retailer for monuments while Burrus & Metz was the manufacturer who made the monuments. Leyda Company was formerly located along N 6th Street and Burrus & Metz Monuments was located on Jefferson Street in downtown Burlington.

In the 1930’s, Leyda Burrus & Metz joined as one company and moved to our current location, on the corners of Oak and Osborn streets in Burlington. Once a horse stable, the current day LBM features offices, conference rooms, a shop where the engraving of our monuments is done by skilled craftsman, and a studio where Roy Dixon etches unique art into granite memorials. Even today, traces of the historic company remain in our offices with pieces of furniture, photographs, and even pencils that Mr. Metz used himself.

Leon Leyda died in 1932. Richard Burrus & Walter Metz continued to run the company after his death. In the late 1960’s, the men sold the company to Bob Meyers. After a few years, the company was once again sold to brothers Ron and Duane Sourwine in 1976. The Sourwines owned LBM until 2015, when they retired and sold the company to Amy and Jeff Laue. Although Amy purchased the company in 2015, she is a veteran in the industry. She has worked with the company since 1995 doing everything from clerical work, to sales, to crafting and desiging granite memorials.

Today, LBM is the Tri-State area’s ONLY Full-Service Monument Company.  An ultra-modern facility, generations of experience, steady year-round sales & production, top designers, craftsmanship unequaled elsewhere in the field, rigid inspection of work at every stage… these are all part of the creation stages and superior expertise of a Leyda, Burrus & Metz Monument.