The Artist

The artist at Leyda Burrus & Metz Monuments is Roy Dixon. Roy began creating monuments with our company in 1984, and although some of the tools have improved, most of the methods used to engrave, letter, and install today’s headstones are the very same ones that were used more than a century ago.

Since Roy started creating monuments, he has become a well known figure in the monument industry, and has won numerous awards for his talent in creating beautiful memorials. His work can be found all over the United States, and even found internationally in countries such as Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand to name a few.

By working closely with you and your family, and listening carefully to what you have to say, Roy will start to get a feel for what you would like on your memorial stone. As you share your stories with him, these stories become pictures in his mind. Next, he’ll put these ideas to paper where you will begin to work together to refine them. When the drawings are just right, he will begin to etch them in stone.

By working together, you will create a true memorial in every sense of the word. This will be a tribute in stone to the people you love.