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A monument is far more than a means of marking the resting place of an individual or a family.

It is a symbol of devotion.  It is a tangible expression of the noblest of all human emotions LOVE.

It should not reflect one’s sorrow, but rather the long years of warmth and affection typical of the American Family.

A monument is built because there was a life not a death; and with intelligent selection and proper guidance should inspire reverence, faith and hope for all the living.

As an essential part of our American way of life, a monument should speak out as a voice from yesterday and today to ages yet unborn.



Since 1892 the Tri-State areas ONLY Full-Service Monument Company.  Extensive retail sales to superior quality manufacturing.  An ultra-modern facility, generations of experience, steady year-round sales & production, top designers, craftsmanship unequaled elsewhere in the field, rigid inspection of work at every stage… these are all part of the creation stages and superior expertise of a Leyda, Burrus & Metz Monuments.   Leave all the hard work to us… allow us the benefit of your ideas, budget and misc. information and we’ll go from there.  From the most inexpensive memorial stone to extravagant… we work for you!!



Selecting the finest materials and having the finest manufacturing facilities are only part of Leyda, Burrus & Metz dedication to producing your family memorial.

Equally important is the application of highest standards of workmanship.  Every Leyda, Burrus & Metz Memorial is a perfect example of these standards.

Lettering that is cut in proper proportion and depth for good, lasting legibility.
Flowers & Symbols correctly shaped and cut to the proper depth by skilled craftsmen.
Contrasting Surfaces skillfully prepared by specially selected techniques to achieve the best appearance