The LBM Guarantee

The LBM Guarantee…

We guarantee that your memorial is made of solid granite, carefully selected to remain void of cracks and seams. No sap stock as been used in your memorial. Your memorial has been hand-selected from our premium granite quarries and offers premium, extensive beauty for eternity.

The finished surfaces of your memorial have been brought out by intensive and skillful grinding and polishing with high speed machines and no artificial colors have been added. Your memorial is void of pits.

Granite is a natural material and is subject to some movement in its grain.

Any material continuously exposed to the elements can be expected to change to a certain extent. This is most noticeable in polished grey granite.

All of the above items are fully covered by this warranty and will be replaced or repaired at our expense if proven defective. This warranty does not cover vandalism, accidents, floods, lightning, earthquakes, or other acts of God.