Dear Roy,  I am sitting down to write to you on Mothers Day.  I have wanted to write to thank you for about a year now, but the words were not there.  Several days go, I visited my daughter’s grave and somehow,  I drove up and looked at her across the grass and a peace came over me that I had not felt before.  I saw her smiling face as I walked cross the grass to talk to her. 

After going around the stone and reading every word, I realized just how beautiful and meaningful the message is.  I stood looking for a long time before leaving and as I drove away, I watched the stone, stopping several times to again to see her smiling face.

Thank you Roy, for helping us put together a most touching and unique tribute to my daughter’s life.  Words are not adequate.

Jean Esbaum


Dear Sirs,  I live about two blocks from the Pittsburg Iowa Cemetery and one of my projects has been to update burial records since 1973, so I walk over there often.

My purpose for writing to you is in regards to the beautiful monument created by your firm for Tony Doud and his little girl.  Although Tony grew up in this area, I hadn’t seen him since he was in grade school.  But, when I viewed the scene on his monument, I was at a loss for words.  I doubt if you could ever create another monument that could surpass the detail, the choice of words, the style of lettering, the shape and design of the stone, and the choice of the stone. Everything seems to fit into place so well that the more I think of it, the more unbelievable it becomes!  I congratulate everyone who had a part in the creation of this wonderful work of art!

As I visit the cemetery, the sun sets low in the sky and each visit the memorial is even more impressive than before.

Maxine Hughes


Dear Sirs,  Just a note to pass along our appreciation for the prompt nd professional attention your staff provided us in the preparation of a granite stone marker for our dear departed Mother, Vera K. Riley.  Challenges like these are difficult enough under normal circumstances, but to coordinate such a task over hundreds of miles and numerous phone calls ws truly something noteworthy.

We especially want to recognize the sensitivity and care displayed by Ms. Amy Laue to include her timely performance and beautiful workmanship.  Her attention to detil and follow-up were truly outstanding.  She is a credit to your company.

Ginger Vasquez


Dear Mr. Sourwine,  I came to Keokuk over Thanksgiving and I was really pleased that you had the headstone done.  On Thanksgiving day,  I went out to the cemetery and it made me happy that the stone was done so well.  I appreciate the time and effort you have taken to help me follow through with the one thing my mom asked me to do for her.  I am thankful for your kindness and understanding in helping me with this matter.

Marie Chaknine


Thank you to all your staff on Marian Krekel’s monument.  I was able to visit the cemetery yesterday  and was so pleased with your work!  

Marcia Lohmann


Your company did an excellent job on the workmanship of the stones on the graves. 

Raymond Moore


Amy, Please tell the crew at Leyda, Burrus & Metz that we really appreciate the excellent job they did on the three monuments.  Everything looks wonderful!  Hopefully this finally lets Matt Rest In Peace, We pray!  Thank you for all your help – we appreciate your contribution to making everything so perfect! 

Kim Moriarity


Roy,  Just a quick note to thank you for doing such an incredibly beautiful job on Mark’s stone.  I am very pleased with it!  Thank you also for your kindness and compassion throughout the entire process.  It made it alot easier for all of us!

Kim, Taylor & Lindsy Johnson


Thank you for the kind and helpful service your company provided for me.  Not only did someone drive me out to the cemetery to make sure my mother’s monument would match with the others in the family lot, but to also send me a picture of the completed job ws a thoughtfulness much appreciated effort.  This is always a very difficult time to go through, but the gentleman that helped me that day in August when I came to LBM for the monument made it just a little easier for me!  Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!  If I should ever need another monument for the cemetery… I would definately chose LBM to do the job!  

Jacque VanderWerken