Find answers here to some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive…

Why should I buy from Leyda, Burrus, & Metz Monuments?

Leyda, Burrus, & Metz Monuments specializes in creating granite memorial stones, and have been since 1892. We are experts in the monument industy, and are globally recognized for our efforts of creating memorials personalized for families just like yours!


How are carvings and etchings done?

Leyda Burrus, & Metz Monuments prides ourselves on doing our own work all at our Burlington location. Skilled craftsman and artisans design, carve, and etch your memorial in your desired color of stone to create beautiful family memorials every day!


What is the difference between marble and granite?

Although both granite and marble are stone formed from the earth, the composition of granite and marble is very different. Granite was once a molten rock called magma that was created at very high temperatures and is found deep within the earth. Marble is created by a concentration of animal skeletons, shells, silt, and plant matter that has settled underwater. Marble’s main component is calcium, therefore, marble is much more pourous than granite and will erode over time. Granite is a much harder material that will last the test of time.